Inexpensive offers

With regard to the price of over-the-counter medicines, online pharmacies clearly score above the on-site branches. You can save up to 75% online. You also benefit from discounts for existing customers online.

In summary, online pharmacies can offer their products more cheaply than normal local pharmacists for the following reasons:

  • no rental costs
  • low personnel costs
  • Internet pharmacies buy larger quantities
  • greater range
  • Customer loyalty

In contrast to the on-site pharmacy, online pharmacies do not have to pay expensive rents for their shops, nor high personnel costs for trained specialists. Online pharmacies must of course also have the appropriate specialist staff, but can reduce their number.

Another factor why internet pharmacies are cheaper is that they buy significantly larger quantities of medicines from suppliers than local retailers. Of course, this offers much greater scope when negotiating volume discounts.

The greater range also depresses prices at online pharmacies. The mass makes the difference: the more customers buy and the bigger the turnover, the cheaper the prices. Local pharmacies are at a disadvantage here. You have a limited regional catchment area. Another reason also plays a role here: you can shop online much more extensively than in an on-site pharmacy. The drugs are not stowed in the open sales room here – spontaneous purchases, such as those known from supermarkets, therefore rarely. You can quickly discover one or the other preparation online that you can also add to your shopping cart.

Last but not least, more and more mail order pharmacies are also relying on the customer loyalty factor. With the help of bonus systems, new customers should be encouraged to come back. Examples are e.g. collecting loyalty points for every purchase made.

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